PRICE LIST 2021 | All rates are billed monthly


Our build-your-own model is designed to provide the most value for companies with low day-to-day IT maintenance needs, or who aren’t yet sure how much support they require. Basic monitoring and updates are included and troubleshooting is billed at an hourly rate.

Basic Machine Management

Required as a base for all Owl packages. Includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring of all active1 machines including servers
  • Systematic push of all software updates
  • Password management and access
  • Live inventory monitoring and management

$50 per machine

Data Management

Optional add-ons for data backup:

Backup of Office 365 and/or Google mail:

$4 per account

Offsite backup of local server data3:

$10 per TB

Offsite backup of local desktop data3:

$6 per machine


Remote Support:

$125 per hour

On-Site Support:

$225 per hour

After-Hours Support, M-F after 6pm EST:

1.5x rate

After-Hours Support, Weekends:

2.5x rate


Our all-inclusive model is designed for companies who require regular IT support, both remote and on-site. The single rate includes:

  • Unlimited4 hours of IT support
  • Email backup (O365 or Google)
  • 24/7 monitoring of all active machines including servers
  • Systematic push of all software updates
  • Password management and access
  • Live inventory monitoring/ management
  • Network monitoring2

$95 per user/machine

Our promise...

Our goal is to provide services and a pricing model that help our clients succeed and grow. If at any point you outgrow a pricing model or your IT needs change, we will work with you to restructure a contract that makes sense for your business.

Cyber Security Add-on—Includes:

  • 24/7 dark web scanning
  • Phishing training for employees

Add-On Options

Single Sign-on (first 10 users free):

$12 per user

Mobile device management:

$Based on requirements

24/7 network monitoring2:

$Based on network specs

$75 per domain (+1 free personal email)

  1. Active machine defined as any machine that is plugged in and requires software updates.
  2. Owl Networks only supports Meraki or Unifi networking solutions for monitoring. If new equipment is required upon on boarding, this will be priced separately.
  3. Includes 30 day retention. Extended retention and/or multiple backup sites available at an additional cost.
  4. Up to 100 hours per month standard support. Special projects requiring extended hours (moves, rewiring, new system installation) priced on a per-project basis.